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Deleuze and the Fold: A Critical Reader ebook

Deleuze and the Fold: A Critical Reader by Sjoerd van Tuinen, Niamh McDonnell

Deleuze and the Fold: A Critical Reader

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Deleuze and the Fold: A Critical Reader Sjoerd van Tuinen, Niamh McDonnell ebook
Page: 256
ISBN: 0230552870, 9780230552876
Format: pdf

Deleuze and the Fold: A Critical Reader. Which is perhaps what interests the reader of Deleuze's writings on literature: a series of folded literatures, each bearing its own map of intensities and waiting for encounter, its own language waiting to speak out. The "literary absolute," as they term it, forges a "mode of commentary that would establish itself as critical to the extent that it does not submit to the rule of poetry" (p. It also, as many have noted, resembles the 'control society' forecast sometime ago by Gilles Deleuze, in his 'Postscript on Societies of Control', in which the movement of 'dividuals' is tracked and monitored across the transversal in what follows, by a self-styled avant-garde in contemporary architecture claiming and legitimizing the emergence of this mode of spatiality as essentially progressive through its particular reading of the philosophy of Deleuze and Guattari. Princeton : Yale University Press (1991), 227-247. Here is how Hallward formulates the core of Deleuze's critical rejection of Hegel: “whereas according to Hegel anmy given 'thing differs with itself because it differs first with all that it is not,' i.e. The key to unlocking Deleuze's diverse engagements in topics spanning cinema, politics, art, music, as well as his core concepts: the nomad, the fold, and rhizomes is the univocity of being. Plug then engages in an interesting re-reading of Kant's third critique, in particular Kant's turn toward the symbol and thus toward poetry. The term “immaculate conception” is to be linked to the notion, from The Logic of Sense, of the flow of sense as infertile, without a proper causal power: Deleuzian reading does not move at the level of the actual imbrication of causes and .. LP: Of course, as with any claim about a turn it is possible that topology mainly becomes just a new order-word, an intellectual checkpoint that homogenizes critical thought. €”Literature and Life.” Essays Critical and Clinical. Deleuze's notion of the fold specifically had been adopted in digital architecture such as in the work of Greg Lynn and others, whereby Leibniz' s differential calculus is re-articulated to discuss the importance of the curve over the line in digital aesthetics. Language: English Released: 2010. GO Deleuze and the Fold: A Critical Reader Author: Niamh Mcdonnell, Sjoerd Van Tuinen Type: eBook. From there, Plug states that Arkady Plotnitsky employs above all Gilles Deleuze to unfold the topology of the fold and the manifold in Hegel.

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